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Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Albert EinsteinGenius

How I design from zero to development

I love to be involved with all aspects of the product design process. Whether I’m launching an enterprise product or a new app for the market, my approach is always thorough and strategic.


Ranging from user interviews, competitor analysis, card sorting, survey's to environment observations. I have numerous tools at my disposal and choose the most appropriate one to define the problem.


I was trained in IBM's Design Thinking process and use those techniques to come up with practical and innovative solutions.


Sketch, Mindnode, Adobe Creative Suite, Zeplin, Evernote and white boarding sessions. I have a repertoire of new and old school tools I use to create amazing things.


I deliver specs through inVision, Zeplin and even old school redlines. I prefer to work hand in hand with developers though to ensure the product vision comes to fruition.

My Design Process

I use a methodical process to create innovative solutions for product challenges

SME Interviews / User Interviews / Surveys / Competitor Analysis
Personas / Story Boards / Design Thinking / Experience Mapping / Whiteboard Sessions
Mood Board / Sketching / Flows / Site Mapping / Wireframes / Mockups
Paper Prototypes / inVision / Sketch Prototypes / / HTML Prototypes
User Testing / Heat Maps / AB Testing / Guerrilla Testing

And now, for some examples of the design process in action

Design Thinking

Where we come up with the next big idea

Whiteboarding sessions

Where thoughts become things


Where things take shape