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Work Experience

Bank of America / Experience Designer II

November 2020 – Present

Bank of America is an industry leader in domestic and international banking. My role is the lead mobile designer and strategist responsible for delivering innovative native mobile and responsive web applications at an enterprise level.

  • Co-Inventor of patent pending invention ‘Assistance and Recovery Workstation Platform with Bilateral Multi-channel Cognitive Resource Integration’
  • Senior lead enterprise strategist for native mobile and responsive web applications
  • Designed a system that harnesses machine learning to predict and provide information a user will need based on their actions and conversations with clients
  • Received 4 awards for design contributions


Bank of America / UX Designer (Contract)

June 2019 – November 2020

My position was part of the design team that delivered products focused on AI and machine learning.

  • Contributed to the enterprise design system to optimize the UX process and allow teams to quickly design and vet concepts
  • Applied inclusive design principles and ADA guidelines to ensure systems accommodate a diverse group of users
  • Designed for a diverse set of projects including conversational design, native mobile and responsive web


Duke Energy / UX Designer (Contract)

June 2017 – June 2019

Duke Energy is largest utility provider in the Southeast US. My role was the lead designer of the emerging digital space designing products in groundbreaking technologies such as blockchain, machine learning and virtual reality.

  • Created an innovative design for an RFP resulting in $9 million in funding
    Designed a P2P exchange platform prototype leveraging blockchain technology
  • Spearheaded the design of an interface that allowed for data manipulation of the DESSA machine learning platform
  • Utilized Unreal Engine to create an immersive VR training simulation
  • Speaker at the IdeaLab conference discussing UX Design and its application in Virtual Reality
  • Incorporated the IBM Design Thinking process into project strategy


RealPage / Implementation Consultant III

November 2012 – 2017

RealPage is a leader in commercial real estate software. My role was to setup software products for commercial clients and train their staff on proper usage of these systems.

  • Generated over $2.5 million in revenue for 2015 and $2.1 million in 2016
  • Advised clients on best practices for initial setup and final launch of products


Freelance / App Creator / Product Designer

November 2012 – Present

As a passionate entrepreneur, I design and launch mobile apps to help people in their daily lives. Creating my own products allows me to make a positive impact in technology as well as challenge myself as a designer and a business owner.

  • Creator and product designer of the iOS app ‘Fit Society’ (available on the App Store) and founder of Fit Society LLC
  • Creator and designer of the iOS app ‘Find my car…!’
  • Creator and designer of the Android mobile app, ‘CFit Workout Tracker’


College of Charleston

Bachelor of Arts in Communications

Charleston, SC

Current Location

Usually can be found at a coffee shop in Charlotte, NC.