Russell Howard

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and 2 patent pending inventions

Russell Howard

UX Designer


Work Experience

Bank of America / Experience Designer II

November 2020 – Present

– Team Lead for the enterprise iOS and Android design system initiative
– Lead designer of the next generation Consumer Vehicle Loan platform
– Received an internal award for design contributions to a new HR system


Bank of America / UX Designer (Contract)

June 2019 – November 2020

  • Co-Inventor and designer of patent pending invention ‘Recovery Workstation Platform with Graphical User Interface’
  • Designed a prototype utilizing artificial intelligence to assist users with completing tasks more efficiently
  • Building a design system from the ground up to optimize the UX process and allow design teams to quickly build and vet concepts
  • Applying inclusive design principles and ADA guidelines to ensure systems can accommodate a diverse group of users


Duke Energy / UX Designer (Contract)

June 2017 – June 2019

  • Co-Inventor and designer of patent pending invention ‘Methods of Operating an Electronic Device to Communicate with an
    Electric Utility Meter, and Related Electronic Devices and Computer Program Products’
  • Created an innovative design for an RFP resulting in $9 million in funding
  • Designed a P2P exchange platform prototype leveraging blockchain technology
  • Spearheaded the design of an interface that allowed for data manipulation of the DESSA machine learning platform
  • Utilized Unreal Engine to create an immersive VR training simulation
  • Speaker at the IdeaLab conference discussing UX Design and its application in Virtual Reality
  • Incorporated the IBM Design Thinking process into project strategy
  • Optimized development time by incorporating native components and frameworks into design deliverables


Freelance / App Creator / Product Designer

November 2014 – Present

  • Creator and product designer of the iOS app ‘Fit Society’ (available on the App Store) and founder of Fit Society LLC
  • Creator and designer of the Android mobile app, ‘CFit Workout Tracker’
  • Creator and designer of the iOS app ‘Find my car…!’
  • Art Direction and Branding for The Shop Allure |

RealPage Inc. / Implementation Consultant II & III

January 2014 – June 2017

  • Implemented 42% of all Level One product contracts in 2015, totaling over $2.5 million in revenue




Bachelor of Arts, Communications

Concentration: Media Studies



Object Oriented Logic and Design · JAVA · Physics · Chemistry · Statistics



Design: Wireframes & mockups · Information Architecture with and Mindnode · User Flows · Personas · Storyboards · Concept Sketches · Journey Maps · Design Systems · ADA Compliancy · Sketch ·  Adobe Creative Suite · 3D design with Blender ·  VR Development with Unreal and A-Frame · UX Design · Product Design

Prototyping: Rapid prototyping using Sketch Prototyping, inVision and · Paper prototypes

Research and User Testing: Guerilla testing · A/B Testing · Focus groups · Personas · User & SME interviews · Concept testing · Card Sorting ·

Collaboration: Design Thinking Facilitation · Cross team collaboration · Agile methodology · Management · Detail orientated · Mentoring junior UX designers