Virtual Reality

Being a part of the Emerging Digital group allowed me to be a part of creating some amazing experiences.

Check out the presentation slides for talk I gave for UX and its application on Virtual Reality at the IdeaLab conference.

 User Experience Design in VR

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality are the next frontiers in user experience. No longer can the focus be on flat or curved screens, we must now factor in visual distance, touch, movement as well as physiological balance.

These new challenges open up exciting innovations and new methods for taking User Experience to the next level!


Virtual Reality 


Emerging Digital & Technology

What I Did

UI/UX Design, Unreal Development

Want to see VR in action?

Check out part of my Duke Energy,

portfolio in the VR video below.

Duke Energy Portfolio in VR

I built this environment with

Virtual Reality

Safety First

We displayed the very first safety instruction presentation done completely in VR.

Virtual Reality

How we did it...

Using the Unreal Engine, we were able to create and package a complete VR experience. Using the CAD file of the facility, we placed safety equipment, points of interest, simulated paths and allowed for freedom of movement within the environment.

Here I am conducting an early test

of the environment.

Virtual Reality in Action

Unreal Engine allows us to make Awesome Experiences

Changing the way students see Energy Companies

During my time on the VR team, we had the opportunity to attend one of the leadership expos and introduce students to virtual reality. It was a great opportunity to show that Duke wasn’t just an energy company, they were making strides to push technology forward.